About Us

We know how much you love free textures … We want to share with you tons of free textures for you to use in your work. And it is all FREE!, We got categories for wood textures that you might think of, and high quality, high resolution for you to download directly.

WoodBackgrounds-comWe are offering you digital stock photos of Wood material. We have beautiful pictures of Wood, and we specialize only in wood backgrounds, These images are called textures or backgrounds, These free textures can be used for your graphic design, visual effects, computer games or any other publication where you need a nice pattern or background images.

If you are always looking for good wood photography and stock textures photos, We specialize only in wood backgrounds, Our site has a ton of high quality and resolution stock wood images available for free download.

Our wood texture files for you to pick and choose from. They are all free, just browse the categories of your choice and click the little dowload button, and the images that you download are super high quality.

If you are a photographer, and you want to share and promote your own wood stock texture or background designs with the world, you are always welcome to join our community and to submit your vector designs at our contribution pageSharing makes everyone feel good!

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